Tenggol’s reef architecture includes rocky cliffs & immense walls & is also in the migratory route of Whalesharks from August to October.

Tenggol is a gorgeous island surrounded by the clear, warm waters of the South China Sea with coral reefs creating an ideal home to rich marine life.


Visibility is at its best from March to October (scheduled trips are also during this season) reaching 20m. There are more than 20 dive sites accessible from Tenggol Island, which offer conditions to a range of divers from the occasional diver to the more adventurous divers who prefer demanding dive sites (Tokong Timur, Tokong Laut & Tanjung Api) which have strong currents at depth.


Tenggol’s reef architecture includes rocky cliffs & immense walls & is also in the migratory route of Whalesharks from August to October. Outside of Whaleshark movement, regular sightings include Large Barracuda, Giant Parrotfish, Napoleons & a variety of their tiny counter-parts like the delicate Flabellina Expotata Nudibranch & spiraling Christmas Tree Worms among others.

What Our Trip Leader Have to Say:

Tenggol has got to be one of the best diving destinations on Peninsular Malaysia. The bus journey (may be long) but it also means that we will get to maximise diving on all 4 days. Perks of not flying for a dive trip! Rooms at the resort were clean and furnished, making the stay comfortable. The diving at Tenggol was just exhilarating. Visibility was a jaw­dropping 20­30 meters. The colours were all too overwhelming. The corals were all healthy and marine life was vibrant. The highlight of the trip, I would say, was the moment when we saw a huge school of giant barracuda circling us. To be honest, I could feel my breathing getting deeper and heavier at that time as the motion of them circling me was rather intimidating.
I could see why the dive sites were still in pristine condition as the number of divers visiting Tenggol was suprising low. I would say that Tenggol has got to be one of Malaysia’s best kept secret diving destinations!

- Yusof Arshad, OWSI

Dive Sites At a Glance:

Amazing Grace: Drift dive to find a couple of Large (2 – 3m) White Tip Shark living with other big fish by the Coral Wall

  • Tokong Timur: Circular Batfish, Black Damselfish, Clark’s Anemonefish, Yellow-tailed Snapper, Bumphead Parrotfish & Hawksbill Turtles live among the Hard & Soft Corals that make this a 5* dive site
  • Coral Garden: Most of the features are accessible at 10 – 15m of this 35m site; Pristine Hard & Soft Coral formations, Sponges in all shapes & sizes, Anemones & Christmas Tree Worms make a perfect backdrop for Butterflyfish, Parrotfish, Wrasses & Anthias. Bring your camera
  • Batu Chachang: Frequented by Eagle Rays, schooling Fusiliers, Trevally & Jacks, the coral backdrop is also peppered with Wrasses, Baracuda & Tuna

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