• Pulau Nyireh

    Pulau Nyireh is the largest island situated near Pulau Tenggol where Batu Tokong Kamudi is also located. This is the best dive site for novice and snorkelers, having a depth of around 30m and average visibility of 10-20m. There’s a shallowest area, with a maximum depth of 12m where beginner divers can explore the giant granite rocks found there.

    This abandoned isle is home to Tenggol’s most famous dive site, The Highway. The Highway got its name for having strong currents. It is generally rewarding for experienced divers only. Divers can spot large pelagic such as barracudas, snappers and rainbow runners seen regularly. While whale sharks are spotted yearly. When you reach 30m depth, you can spot a white tip shark or ghost pipefish. See also Corals with different colors, soft and hard one that covers the entire surface.

    Pulau Nyireh homes a school of Barracuda, tuna, groupers, rays, and mostly all the tropical marine life. It features beautiful reefs surrounded by marine life. You’ll be able to watch corals and anemones all over the gigantic rocks, on the shallow areas. While on the deeper areas, you’ll be able to contemplate soft corals and wire corals.
    Pulau Nyireh is a perfect dive destination for divers who want extreme adventure under the beautiful mysterious sea.

    Location: Northeast of Pulau Tenggol
    Conditions: Can be strong
    Visibility: 10 to 20 meters
    Depth: up to 30 meters