• White Tip Avenue

    White Tip Avenue Sipadan Dive Site

    As the name suggests, divers can expect to spot schools of gentle Whitetip Reef Sharks here at the White Tip Avenue dive site in Sipadan. Grey Reef Sharks can also be spotted here at times.

    The wall of White Tip Avenue dive site is full of crevices, terraces, ledges and vertical chimneys which are worth a look into. Divers may discover sponges of all shapes and colours, gorgonian fans and black coral colonies in those wall. Groupers, Emperor angelfish, Triggerfish, parrotfish, scorpionfish, butterflyfish and turtles (yes, again) are also spotted at the White Tip Avenue dive site.

    Min Depth: 15m

    Max Depth: 40m

    Recommended Level: Open Water Diver and Above