Diving in Palau

The spectacular variety of
marine life is what keeps
divers coming back.

Diving in Palau

Feel the magic underwater and get hooked by the beauty Palau has! Palau is said to be untamed, relaxing yet prestigious country. It stretches around 459 square kilometers and has more than 500 islands.

Palau is easy to locate and quick to get in to. Its gateways are the countries near to it which are Guam, Philippines, Seoul Korea, Taiwan and Japan. The Roman Tmetuchi International Airport is the main airport of Palau.

Palau is aligned with the world class diving sites. Its sea walls are shining, the sheer drop-offs are shimmering, and its over-all marine life is splendid. The famous diving sites the country has are the; Blue Corner, German Channel, Peleliu Wall and Cut, The Big Drop-off, The New Drop-off, and the Ulong Channel.

The country’s marine biodiversity is what divers just can’t get enough. There are around 1500 fish species and 700 species of coral and sea anemone. According to research, 41,000 divers visit Palau each year and 8,600 of this specifically come to dive with Sharks. Aside from sharks, Dolphins and large Manta Rays attract divers. Jellyfish, Snappers, Grunts, Fusiliers and large Groupers are just some Palau’s marine creatures that are scattered around. There is also presence of Eagle rays and Mandarin Fish.

Water depth ranges from5 to 40 meter, having a visibility of 15 meter to 35 meter. Surface conditions are calm and the currents are from moderate to strong. In addition, water temperature ranges from 28 to 30 degree Celsius.

The best time to dive Palau is December to April, having a high temperature with a maximum of 32 degree Celsius. Rainy months are from July to October. But if your intention is other activities other than Palau, best visit during September to May.

Palau Diving is recommended to Moderate to Advanced Divers. There is also no problem in terms of photography as Palau offers photographers art of nature photos.

Currency:  United States Dollar
Language:  English & Palauan
Capital:  Ngerulmud
Electricity:   U.S./Canadian sockets
Government:  Democratic Republic
Timezone:  UTC+09:00
Calling Code:  +680
Network Providers:  Palau Telecoms O3b
National Airline:  Palau Pacific Airways

Untamed, peaceful and prestige, three words that will describe Palau. Palau, a country in Oceania, is consisted of more than 500 islands and it is stretching around 459 square kilometers.

Having only three islands inhabited, Palau has just only more than 21,265 population, which mainly speaks either Palauan or English. Roman Catholicism is the dominant religion in the country.

Biodiversity in Palau is well recognized; as a matter of fact, it is renowned as the first Underwater Wonder of the World by National Geographic Society and one of the living “Edens” by Discovery Channel and Readers’ Digest.

There are about 1250 species of plants in Palau whereas, 830 of these are rare. Meanwhile, its fauna consists of 141 species of birds, 5000 species of insects, 46 species of reptiles and amphibians and around 40 species of freshwater fish.

Palau has steady warm climate. High temperature starts at November and ends in April, with a maximum temperature of 32 degree Celsius. Meanwhile, rainy season ranges from July to October. The best season to visit Palau is from September to May, when the seas are calm.

Getting to Palau is quick and easy. The Roman Tmetuchl International Airport is the main airport in the country. In order to get here, there are 5 gateways, and these gateways are the Asian countries near Palau. These are Guam, Manila Philippines, Seoul Korea, Taiwan and Japan.

Regular vaccines are advised to the travelers. Also, sunblock is essential to apply before diving to avoid summer rashes or sunburn. Refrain from drinking tap water and eating plants and mushrooms found in the forests.

Liveaboards In Palau

Palau Siren|Diving in Palau

Palau Siren

Palau’s newest liveaboard and and part of the Sam’s Tours family, Palau Siren offers accommodation with comfort, style and prestige. Palau Siren has a length of 40 meters, which is 132 foot, beam of 10 meters, and cruises of 8 knots and has 12 crews that accommodate 16 divers. Travel the one of a kind wander Palau has on the duration of 7 or 10 nights. It’s been operating since 2012. Palau Siren has inside-out beauty, a traditional gaff rig Phinisi handcrafted from ironwood and teak. Internally, it was designed with Palauan’s art.

Palau Siren has eight air-conditioned cabins. The cabins come with either twin or double beds. Each cabin has its own bathrooms with heating system, audio-visual entertainment system, wardrobe, safety box and even hairdryers.

For Palau Siren, not only relaxation and enjoyment matter, but also, socializing with other divers is also important. Socializing is made possible and convenient by its shaded deck,
air-conditioned lounge, cocktail bar and spacious dining area. For your personal time, some of Palau Siren features also include individual stations with personal drawers, 42 inch flat screen television with movie network, library of books and games, areas for your camera or video equipment.

It also provides 12L aluminum tank, weight and belt, Basic Aqua Lung equipment rental, safety marker buoys, kayaks, Air Nitrox, all for the divers’ convenience.
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Palau Ocean Hunter|Diving in Palau

Palau Ocean Hunter

Travelling on Palau is made easier by Palau Ocean Hunter!
Since 2008, Palau Ocean Hunter has been operating and now, it’s the most luxurious liveaboard in Palau. Ocean Hunter will bring you to the Palau’s best diving destinations, like the Blue Corner, Big Drop Off or Ulong Channel and World War 2.
Palau Ocean Hunter is 95 feet or 30 meter in length, has 28 feet and travelling with a speed of 11 knots, and it accommodate maximum of 16 guests.

It has a total of 8 cabins, which is composes of 2 standard cabins, 4 deluxe cabins and 2 Master Staterooms. Each cabin is air conditioned and provided with private bathrooms. Outside the cabins, there is a comfortable lounge equipped with sofas and entertainment system. Additionally, it has 2 Jacuzzis at the top deck. In terms of dining, there is a large dining room. It serves delicious gourmet and its menus are world class, presenting international cuisines of Palauan, Italian, Mediterranean, French and Asian.

Ocean Hunter is also designed for underwater photography, Television or Film productions, and has spacious working area with outlets with different bolts.

Quality service and accommodation, that’s what Palau Ocean Hunter can assure. So what are you waiting for? Book now and experience the crown jewel of Micronesia with Ocean Hunter!

Palau Aggressor Liveaboard

Palau Aggressor

Comfort and Safety— these are two of the things Palau Aggressor offers.
Palau Aggressor has length of 32 meters, about 106 foot, has a beam of 10 meters and cruise of 10 knots. It was 1990 since Palau became one of the destinations of Aggressor. In this regard, it is assured that you are having a trip with experienced crews.

There are 9 wide and convenient cabins with bathrooms. These cabins are air conditioned for the comfort of the guests. Palau Aggressor has big lounge, sun deck shading, deck sets, bar and grill, tubs, and everything that photographers and videographers will need. Foods, from breakfast to dinner, are appetizing and satisfying at the same time.

Palau Aggressor will tour around the diving sites of Macronesia, including the well-known Jellyfish Lake. Divers will be spoiled with different diving experience. There are Wrecks, Shark-infested Channels, Blueholes, Freshwater Lake and Caves. In addition, there are one of a kind Sheer Walls, different kinds of corals and variety of anemones.

Palau is known for its abundance of Manta Rays, especially during December to March, as it is the Mating Season. Aside from rays and school of fish, there are also, Moorish Idols, Unicorn Fish, Butterfly Fish and many more.

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MV Solitude One|Diving in Palau

MV Solitude One

One of the greatest assets MV Solitude One has is quality. They provide high quality of service to their guests and that makes them distinct to others. MV Solitude One is 52 in length, with a maximum of 22 guest accommodation and 16-20 dive crews and staffs. The vessel is huge and spacious for the convenience of the guests. It has over 3 decks which also serve as ‘vessel islands’ for sunbathing purposes. There are a total of 10 cabins with its own bathroom and toilet. The cabins are composed of 2 Staterooms, 7 Deluxe Cabins and 1 Standard Family or Quad Cabin.

Each cabin is provided with air conditioning system, deposit box, beddings, flat screen television and hair dryer. Outside, there are lounge are where you can socialize. There are dining lounge and lounge where you can do stuffs like playing cards or work.

MV Solitude is equipped with diving stuffs. If you’re thing is underwater photography, there is a dark digital room where you can see your shots. There are also tubs where you can relax at the end of the day after a long dive. There are tank racks, storage boxes, camera basins, and equipment rentals. There are diving “skiffs,” provided with 150 hp engines, necessary oxygen, first aid, radio and navigation systems.
Divers are accommodated with hospitality, professionalism and high-quality services. It’s the edge of MV Solitude One compared to others, as the convenience, enjoyment and safety of their guests come first before theirs.

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