Diving in Phuket

Diving in Phuket big stars are the Manta Rays, Whale Sharks and various species of Reef Sharks.

Dive Center In Phuket

Bubba Diving Phuket

Offering all PADI courses from Open water diver to instructor development course, Bubba Diving Phuket is the best choice in experienced private and personal scuba diving course and services in Phuket, Thailand. It is a diving center in Phuket wherein it provides an individual attention and private scuba diving instruction to its clients. Situated at Chalong, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket, Thailand.

Their aim is to ensure their customer’s satisfaction and safety as they dive and explore to the wonders of the Phuket Island. They cater for all abilities, as well as the possibility of capturing breath-taking underwater photographs. Whether you are a first timer to scuba diving or an experienced diver, great instructors from Bubba Diving Phuket will surely escort you and see the best and most beautiful sites in Thailand.

Bubba Diving Phuket has a diving day trip to Racha Yai and Noi, Phi Phi Islands, and King Cruiser Wreck. If you are up to a boat choice, they also offer many levels of boat choice to Similan Islands, Koh Bon and Tachai, and Richelieu Rock. Their diving centre is waiting for you, send them an email or contact them.

Marine Life Highlights in Phuket

phuket-black-tip-shark|Diving in Phuket
Black Tip Reef Shark
manta-rays|Diving in Phuket
Manta Ray
phuket-leopard-shark|Diving in Phuket
Leopard Shark

Diving in Phuket

anemone reef | Diving in Phuket | Dive Phuket | Dive Sites In Phuket

Anemone Reef

This unique Anemone Reef which was named from the mas of gorgeous blue and green anemones that covers huge lime-stone pinnacle. It soars 30 meters up from the seafloor just beneath the surface. Located at 600 meters north of Phuket’s Shark Point Sanctuary, it has a water visibility variable from 5 to 25 meters.

It has a Thai name of Hin Jom which means “submerged rock” and this is famous for its beautiful site. Beautiful soft colored corals that scatter underwater together with different fish quantities can also be witness in here.

The occasional Leopard Sharks can be seen passing by with enormous schools of Tropical Fish, Snappers, Groupers, colorful Clown Fish as well as the large Tunas and Barracudas. Anemone Reef is also popular for its Lion Fish that can be seen in-groups of twelve or more.

Access: Boat Entry
Average Depth: –
Maximum Depth: 30m
Average Visibility: 5m to 25m

koh dok mai | Diving in Phuket | Dive Phuket | Dive Sites In Phuket

Koh Dok Mai

Up for a more sheer diversity of marine life? Koh Dok Mai as a large limestone rock that rises steeply out if the sea is a small, jungle covered island. Its name means “Flower Island” due to its mesmerizing and colorful flower-like corals that cover every surface underwater. Situated on the way from Phuket to Shark Point and considered as one of the best wall dives in area.

Considered as the favorite sites of scuba divers, it has water visibility of 5 to 25 meters. Included on many on-day trips, this dive site is noted for its variety of different fishes and witnessing the beauty of Moray Eels. While on the east side of the area, virtual garden of yellow-tube corals can be seen and small caves along the base of the wall to be explored.

Access: Boat Entry
Average Depth: –
Maximum Depth: –
Average Visibility: 5m to 25m

king cruiser wreck | Diving in Phuket | Dive Phuket | Dive Sites In Phuket

King Cruiser Wreck

The historical 85-meter passenger ferry King Cruiser that strays several miles off course and hits the Anemone Reef made a routine run to the Phi-Phi Islands on the 4th of May 1997. It has a depth of 5 to 32 meters and water visibility of 2 to 25 meters.

Divers can explore its multiple decks and spacious open areas the King Cruiser is providing sheltered by large numbers of fish and crabs. It became an even better dive site because of its patina of age and encrusted with variety of colorful and amazing corals.

It is easy and safe to explore with perfect multi-level diving because it was a decent ship-wreck for divers to explore. This unplanned yet fantastic destination became an addition to the Anemone Reef and considered as one of the most famous dive sites around Phuket.

Access: Boat Entry
Average Depth: 5m
Maximum Depth: 32m
Average Visibility: 5m to 25m

racha noi | Diving in Phuket | Dive Phuket | Dive Sites In Phuket

Racha Noi

Divers who are interested in a more isolated area are perfect for Racha Noi. A popular dive site for more experienced divers and depths around 10 to 40 meters are generally greater and currents are often stronger.

Racha Noi offers many opportunities for a rewarding deep diving because of its beautiful marine creatures. Expect underwater boulders that present you a good chance to spot Manta Rays and Whale Sharks. On the northern part of the site, it offers a good multi-level dive along a huge pinnacle where Reef Sharks and Sting Rays are main attractions in here. Off the southern tip, you’ll be mesmerized by the spectacular scenery on top of a huge rock formation surrounded by deep waters. Ship-wreck that draws different reef fish can be seen on the southwest side of the site.

Access: Boat Entry
Average Depth: 10m
Maximum Depth: 40m
Average Visibility: –

koh racha yai | Diving in Phuket | Dive Phuket | Dive Sites In Phuket

Koh Racha Yai

Koh Racha Yai is perfect for beginner divers and snorkelers with water depths that ranges between 3 to 30 meters and visibility that is good that varies with seasons. It a granite island surrounded by fringing hard coral reef that offers countless tropical beaches with protected shallow bays where water is very clear.

Northern part of the island, there are two beautiful bays that is popular for deep water and patches of colorful coral formations. Both have a depth of 12 meters into a sandy seabed that makes it a good opportunity for divers.
Prominent Moray Eels, Octopus and Cuttlefish, Titan Triggerfish and Giant Pufferfish are some of the highlights of the site. Often large schools of Barracudas, Twin-Spot Snapper, Dog-Eyed Pufferfish and Parrotfish that hovers around the reefs can be seen as well as Trumpetfish and Cornetfish. Few anemones throughout hard corals together with Resident Western Clownfish can also be witness.

Access: Boat Entry
Average Depth: 3m
Maximum Depth: 30m
Average Visibility: 30m

shark point | Diving in Phuket | Dive Phuket | Dive Sites In Phuket

Shark Point

As part of the Marine Sanctuary and justifiably the most famous local dive sites, Sharks Point appears as a tiny rock outcropping of no particular interest but beneath the surface lies a reef covered with marine life.
It has a water visibility of 2 to 25 meters and a depth of 10 to 30 meters suited for beginners suited for dive masters. Hin Musang or Shark Rock is the official name of this diving site.

Leopard Sharks, Bamboo Sharks hiding under the coral ledges can be found in here. Large schools of Tropical Fish, colored soft corals, sea fans as well as huge barrel sponges. Fusiliers together with Glass Fish and Lion Fish can be seen in one dive. Scorpion Fish are common along with different Pufferfish, Yellow Boxfish, Bannerfish, Blue-Ringed Angelfish and Emperor Angelfish.

Access: Boat Entry
Average Depth: 10m
Maximum Depth: 30m
Average Visibility: 2m to 25m

phi phi islands | Diving in Phuket | Dive Phuket | Dive Sites In Phuket

Phi Phi Islands

Probably one of the most dramatically beautiful locations in the world, Phi Phi Island has an approximately depth of 3 to 27 meters and a visibility of 5 to 30 meters. The scenery from the surface is absolutely amazing and its colossal emerald green monoliths rising straight from the sea.

Underwater adventure includes towers that shape a rugged environment for scuba divers and caves, overhangs, and swim-throughs in the soft limestone rock. On walls, nook and cranny are found a profusion of soft corals, large orange-colored fans, Black Corals, and Long Stingy Sea Whips. Unusual types of corals can also be seen in the area that makes it remarkable. In the shallow bay on Eastern side of the island, huge gardens of Staghorn, Star Corals and incredible numbers of colorful Reef Fish.

Access: Boat Entry
Average Depth: 3m
Maximum Depth: 27m
Average Visibility: 5m to 30m

Diving in Phuket

Branded as “The Pearl of the Andaman”, Phuket is one of the southern provinces of Thailand. The island of Phuket is considered as one of the country’s largest island together with its 32 smaller islands off its coast. Lying off west coast of Thailand in Andaman Sea, Phuket is connected by the Sarasin Bridge to Phang Nga Province to the north. To the east across of Phang Nga Bay, the next province is Krabi.

Due to its proximity to the equator, Phuket features a tropical climate. It has a dry season from December through March and wet season that covers the other eight months. Scuba diving in Phuket is best experience in the period of November to April of the year, with the absolute peak conditions being towards the end of period. Water temperatures ranges from 26°C to 30°C. Like the other tropical climate cities, Phuket sees precipitation even during its dry season having an average of 2,200 millimeters of rain.

Phuket has been the number one destination in Thailand perfect for families, experienced divers, and backpackers. The 49 kilometer long island doesn’t feel like an island because of its size. It was formerly known as Thalang which is derived from the old Malay “telong” meaning “cape”. However, the location of the old capital which is the northern district of the province still uses this name. The island provides a great base for doing PADI courses, diving local sites through liveaboard adventure to the Similans or even beyond Myanmar, Burma.

Tourists can spot different underwater creatures, this include the regularly sighted Giant Manta Rays, the probably most talked about Whale Sharks, the 2 meter long Leopard Sharks, fantastic Hawksbill Turtles, the beautiful Black Tip Reef Sharks, large variety of Eels, Clown Anemone Fish, and the stunning Harlequin Shrimp. Believing to have the almost perfect camouflage system, Ornate Ghost Pipe Fish can also be witness as well as one of the coolest pattern Clown Trigger Fish.

Best Diving Season:  November to April
Weather: May to October (Wet Season)
Water Temperature: 26-30°C
Marine Animal Highlights:  Manta Rays, Whale Sharks, Reef Sharks, Leopard Sharks and Turtles
Recommended Thermal Protection:
Water Visibility:  5 to 40m
Transportation: -Tanah Merah Ferry

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