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Tenggol Island Beach Resort

Situated on the beautiful island of Tenggol, the Tenggol Island Beach Resort is surrounded with lush natural beauty with a beautiful tropical rainforest background amidst cliff and mountains overlooking the coast with white sand beaches. The scenery here is absolutely breathtaking and guests travel here to experience the unique private diving that is only available at the island. The marine life awaits in the waters below as the Tenggol Island Beach Resort offers many diving packages for guests to choose from.

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    The resort is fully equipped with all the tools and equipment necessary for diving as the island highlights diving as one of its main tourist attractions. The rooms and chalets offered here are quite basic and run of the mill and offer a truly unique and traditional Malaysian island experience.

    The Tenggol Island is situated along the east cost of Malaysia, amidst the crystal clear waters of the South China Sea. The island quite private and small and is home to only a number of residents here. Most of the island residents are from Mainland Malaysia. The island is known as a private dive island and the Tenggol Island Beach Resort is a popular choice for most tourists that come to the island, especially if they are to experience snorkeling, diving or other popular water sports here.

  • The Tenggol Island Beach Resort offers the simplicity of Malaysian living as the chalets are quite basic, offering only the essentials for guests to enjoy. There are 8 room units available at the resort making it very private and secluded. Each room has an attached bathroom with hot shower. Guests have the choice of two or three single beds. Guests have an unobstructed view of the beautiful ocean and the privacy of the beach.

  • The Tenggol Island Beach Resort is home to just 8 room units which makes it very private. Guests can enjoy the white sandy beaches of the Teluk Air Tawar which hosts various water activities such as snorkeling, diving and others, or wine and dine at the resort restaurant while enjoying the beautiful views of the beach and ocean. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served here daily. The resort also has a dive center where guests can book diving trips and make other diving arrangements.

  • “The Resort is very private and can only accommodate a number of guests. The island is such a beautiful place to visit that one does not get to notice how basic things are at the resort.” – Carl

  • “I must say that the ocean is absolutely filled with so many different creatures that every dive is just truly remarkable! The dive packages offered at the resort helped us a lot on deciding what to do and how to start our diving adventure –Peach
    There is just so much to enjoy if you are a nature lover. The entire island is filled with the natural Malaysian beauty.
    ” – Megan

  • “Aside from the beautiful scenery, there is the whole island to explore and enjoy nature at its most preserved and finest! -Bill” – Bill